Green House Project on LinkedIn: What You Do In Exactly 7 Words?

Published On: July 5th, 2011By Categories: Blog

The Green House Project group on LinkedIn is a great networking resources for members of the Green House Project movement and long-term care professionals interested in learning about culture change.
Rachel Scher of the Green House Project team recently asked this question on LinkedIn: Can you describe what you do in exactly seven words?

It is an interesting exercise to try to distill your work into a powerful statement! This can lead to a tighter more cohesive understanding of your brand and what you stand for! Looking forward to your thoughts!

Here are some of the fantastics answers our group members shared:
Rachel Scher • Connect resources and people creating sustainable change!
Theresa Schneider • Help create a world that honors elders.
Jason Johnson • Connect aging professions with the business community
Anna Ortigara • Create educational opportunities for person-directed living.
Rebecca Priest • listen to elders and tirelessly seek better
Emily Duda • Challenge myself and others to embrace Elderhood!
Toni Lynn Davis • Listen, coach, comfort, recognize, support and individualize.
Scott L. Parkin • Ensure that the elderly poor are not forgotten.
Karen Carroll • Love, Learn, Laugh with staff and Elders
Can you describe what you do in just seven words? Please share your response in the comments section below and if you use LinkedIn, join our group and share your response here.