Every Home Has A Story

Published On: November 1st, 2012By Categories: Blog, Ohio

At a recent conference attended by our Green House Guide, Rhonda Wolpert, she heard Dr. Bill Thomas explain how important it is that a home has a story. At our Home Blessing, Laura Voth and Doug Luginbill shared the initial stories of the first two Green House homes in Ohio. House A, or 101 Willow Ridge Drive, has become Betty House and is named after Betty and Dallas Bash. Betty lived at Mennonite Memorial Home for 25 years. Dallas lived there for 3 years as well. During those 25 years Betty, Dallas and their family modeled the commitment, dedication, and love that makes family relationships successful. We pray that this same spirit of love and commitment will grace Betty House long into the future. House B or 103 Willow Ridge Drive is named Frieda House after James and Frieda Basinger. James and Frieda grew up in Bluffton and attended Bluffton University. Their careers took them to various locations throughout the country and they retired in Bisbee, AZ. While they never lived in Bluffton after college, the Basingers did not forget their family and friends in Bluffton. For three years Frieda made a $1000 gift at Christmas-time with the instruction, “Make the resident’s lives brighter.” Frieda passed away in 2009. It was only then that we discovered Bluffton University and Mennonite Home Communities were named as the sole recipients of their estate, each receiving over $500,000. This was the gift MHCO needed to move forward with Willow Ridge. We pray that the lives of the elders at Frieda House will always remain bright.