Culture Change Pioneers Kiyota and Power Win Residency For Global Aging Initiative

Published On: July 14th, 2011By Categories: Blog

From the Eden Alternative Blog on the ChangingAging Blogstream:
Two of the culture change movement’s most respected leaders — Eden Mentor Dr. Al Power and environmental gerontologist Emi Kiyota — have been awarded an exciting residency in Italy to work on community-based “Innovative Responses to Global Aging.”
Dr. Power has this update on the ChangingAging Blogstream:

I’m thrilled to announce that Emi Kiyota and I have been awarded a Bellagio Residency by the Rockefeller Foundation for the spring of 2012.
The Foundation selects a dozen applicants each month from all over the world in a variety of disciplines, from arts and humanities, to science and academia to public policy, and sends them to Villa Serbelloni on Lake Como, Italy.
It’s basically a think tank where each resident works on a project of her/his choosing, with a diverse group of people to bounce ideas off. The Foundation selects residents based on the merits of each proposal and its alignment with the Foundation’s mission and vision.
Emi and I submitted a dual proposal, entitled “Innovative Response to Global Aging”. Our plan is to use the time to research and develop guiding principles for planning communities that value and embrace people of all ages and abilities in a resilient and sustainable manner. We hope to adapt these principles to various cultures and economies, so that they have global relevance.
Ultimately, we hope the work will help Emi’s organization, Ibasho, to expand their global work in “creating socially integrated and sustainable communities that value their elders”.
La vita e bella!