Creating Holistic Green House Project Homes

Published On: August 25th, 2010By Categories: Blog

The spiritual care team” is a group comprised of chaplains from various Green House organizations around the country. The group came together to further define how the role of the chaplain changes in The Green House model. As we mulled the topic during monthly calls, the discussion broke free of the limitations of titles, roles and expectations, to become much bigger. Spiritual health is the responsibility of everyone, as we are charged with the responsibility to care for the WHOLE PERSON: mind, body and spirit. The spirit is cared for in a multitude of ways that are only discovered through the building of relationships and deeply knowing the person. Being that relationships are the cornerstone of The Green House model, we determined that The Green House is a spiritual model and this aspect of wellness fits implicitly in the philosophy. If spirituality is defined as that which is deeply meaningful, life-giving, and connects us to ourselves, others, and the world we live in, then it can be summed up as “A Life Worth Living.”
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