Betty Schaeffer, "May the movement keep growing"

Published On: December 1st, 2011By Categories: Blog, Testimonials
It has been my pleasure to work in one of the Green House Homes in Palmyra, PA for the past four years. I can say without reservation, that this is indeed the way of the future. I look forward each day to coming to work in my “House”, as I feel confident that each of my ten elders looks forward to seeing me. We have become a family. The intimate knowledge that I have been able to develope with each of them, enables me to recognise the slightest change in their health,and as a result, I can take action before problems get out of hand. Bingo is far from the only activities taking place in the Green House. We have hosted Birthday parties, cookie bakes, ice cream socials, star gazing sessions and gardening, just to mention a few things.
The way that the model is set up, with the latest medical helps, such as secure doors,lifts with ceiling tracks, and wheelchair accessiblity for everything,makes this an ideal environment for all levels of advanced care. My elder’s medical conditions are managed with such efficiency as a result, that the focus can be placed on more important things, like living; learning; laughing; and loving.
In the past, I have been known to say, that I would never live in a Nursing Home, but I would happily live in a Green House; in fact, I would settle for nothing less. May the movement keep growing.