Appreciating Nurses: Wise Mentors and Skilled Care Partners

Published On: May 9th, 2013By Categories: Blog

As we continue to celebrate National Nurses Week, we want to take a moment to acknowledge that nurses play an integral role in THE GREEN HOUSE® model as care role models, partners, gerontological nurses, teachers and mentors. The role of the nurse significantly changes in The Green House model, as they are no longer the supervisor of the Shahbaz, but rather a partner.  Both the nurse and the direct care staff bring their perspective to work within scope of practice, as they commit to protecting, sustaining and nurturing every elder they serve.

Nurses are wise and trusted guides and advisors in the Green House model. As part of the clinical support team, they provide elders with skilled and clinical care and functional support.  While carrying out all of the traditional duties of a nurse, the small environment and consistent staffing of a Green House home enables the nurse to create deep relationships with the elders and other staff members, which translates to good clinical outcomes.
In traditional models of long-term care, the hierarchical power structure can become an obstacle to real team collaboration. Nurses in The Green House home however, work hand-in-hand with Shahbazim and elders. Their professional expertise combines with the deep knowing of the Shahbaz to create a clinical care team of excellence. This sense of familiarity, and value for the skill sets of everyone on the team, creates an empowered environment where care delivery is both individualized and relationship-based.
Take a moment today to appreciate the nurses in your Green House home and in your life and thank them for all that they do!